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This Winter,

food trucks are taking over our kitchen!

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Presented by our new friends at ClusterTruck, The Market Hotel is absolutely stoked to welcome a brilliant line up of some of Melbourne’s best street food vendors.

6 months, 6 trucks, and loads of world flavours in your favourite corner pub.

May Residency

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First up are the legends from Pearl of the Quarter

Pearl of the Quarter is a destination food truck inspired by the vibrant music, bistros and street food of the great quarters- take Rio and the Ipanema Quarter, New Orleans and the French Quarter, Paris and the Latin Quarter, as well as the great melting-pot cities, countries and islands all over the world. 

Husband and wife team Lorne and Shoshannah are thrilled to bring these places to you, and give them a little twist, making Pearl of the Quarter a destination unto its own.

A place you just know you've arrived at when you find it. Like a tapas bar you'll always go back to, a jerk steel drum barbeque you can't walk past, a juke joint where the tunes and the smell of southern fried chicken have you hooked- line and sinker, a Brazilian beach bar at twilight... 

Pearl of the Quarter celebrates this.